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Once we receive your Appointment Request for automotive services, we will contact you to confirm or arrange a time that will work for both you and our shop. Let us know if you are seeking a quote only. Please call if you would like drop-off instructions or will require transportation assistance. Thank you!


Affordable Auto Repair
41604 Date Street
Murrieta, CA 92562-7057
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Mon-Fri: 7am-5:30pm
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Special Drop Off Instructions

Special Drop Off Instructions

Unsure about another shop’s estimate?

At Affordable Auto Repair we understand that talking the right talk is important, but isn’t as important as listening. We wish to know and understand any and all issues or reservations you may have about visiting an auto repair shop. We want to make you feel as comfortable as possible and we know that other shops don’t always leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. If you feel uneasy about what another shop is recommending, give us a call. Talking to an expert at Affordable Auto Repair can give you an honest third-party opinion. We don’t have an issue letting you know whether another shop’s estimate sounds accurate or not. We may give advice on what to ask or say, or even ask for pictures of what they are describing. Even if we aren’t going to earn your business this time around, we would rather you feel good about getting your vehicle repaired. We understand that sometimes feeling like you got taken advantage of is just as bad as actually being taken advantage of.

Do you need an estimate for repairs?

Giving an estimate over the phone is always tricky, at Affordable Auto it’s policy to not give any estimates without seeing the vehicle first. We’re happy to give general pricing, more of a ballpark estimate over the phone, but nothing we can stand behind. We’d much prefer to see the vehicle, confirm the repair, and give you an estimate of that repair – to the penny. Our estimates include parts, labor, taxes and fees, a true out-the-door price. Once we give this estimate we stand behind it. If there are additional unforeseen parts that need replacement, we’ll advise you of those before replacing them. No surprises at checkout! Often on today’s modern vehicles, they can have different options and packages that drastically affect the cost of repairs.

We are an old-fashioned garage looking to give old-fashioned customer service. From Fallbrook to Lake Elsinore and out to Aguanga, we strive to give the best service to all our customers. Check out our latest reviews to see how good of a job we’ve been doing.